IFISH apparel company sprang from desire to express our passion for fishing. From cane poles to fly rods, to heavy blue water tackle, fishermen understand that passion. Our goal at IFISH is to help every angler express your passion

A Letter From Our Founder:

From the time I could walk, I was fishing with my father. Not only did this impact me, but he’s taught so many others the sport of fishing and conservation. Even to this day, my father is the main reason for my passion of fishing. I have yet to lose that passion. I started fishing bass tournaments before I had my driver’s license. That led me to the desire to become a professional fisherman.

After finishing high school, I faced a tough decision. My father offered to either sponsor me on the professional fishing circuits for one year or to pay for me to go to college for four years. I took the college route and graduated with a degree in Business/Marketing. Fresh out of college, I started a business from scratch which I have successfully run for nearly 3 decades.

But I never lost my passion for fishing. From fly fishing in the Rockies, to red fishing the marshes of Louisiana, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to fish all across this great country. And during that time, my dream to be more involved in the fishing industry persisted.


Bill Laws

This led me to create a fishing brand that could express one’s love for fishing. I gave my then 13 year old son, the task of creating a fish logo with an eye inside the fish. After a couple of tries, he came up with the IFISH design you see today.

It’s my desire to create a brand that will be unique to the industry. The IFISH product focus is not just on trendy design, but to provide performance, technology, and functionality for all anglers alike. When fishermen wear the IFISH brand, I want it to display their passion to fish. It is my hope that this expression will help inspire the younger generation into fishing and that I can help them not only learn to enjoy the outdoors, but educate them about the importance of conservation of our waters and land.

 Bill Laws


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